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Rune as it is known today

Rune, as it is generally accepted by historians today, is flat, resting upon the back of Agradon, the gigantic dragon who holds up our world and maintains our crystal sphere. There are six known continents that are well documented. Edint Rie’s map, while useful is now known to be generally inaccurate and out of date. As of the official start of the third age 1400 years after the Great Orcen Wars, the continents are as follows.


Home to Myrcia, the black forest, and the frontier


It is home to the countries of Dag-mar, Hexmark, Alesial, Entmark, Agnor, Mortin, The Sitomus collective, The grey wastes, The Dwarven Empire, The Dragonis Spine, and the Andoniat Arpeggio


The closest continent to the Rune oculus


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